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Posted by admin On February 8, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

The last few days i have been off from writing on the blog, since i sadly need to work on other things besides this engine tuning blog.

On the side i have been asked to be introduce a a class of automechanics in the world of tuning, which i am looking very much forward to. More on this later.

Here is what is intended to be coming online next:

  • Adding HQ pictures of the OEM Parts in the K04 TFSI Upgrade guide
  • Finishing the K04 TFSI Upgrade guide – With the series : HOW, WHICH, ETC.
  • Making equal guide on what you must do to have the 1.8TFSI / 2.0TSI work with the K04 Turbocharger
  • Guide on Intake kits for the 2.0TFSI models (MAF Sensor in the “back” of engine bay)
  • Guide on Intake kits for the 2.0TSI models (MAF Sensor in driver side of engine bay)
  • Guide on Downpipes for the 1.8T models
  • Guide on Downpipes for the 2.0TFSI models
  • Chip Index guide on Chiptuning of 2.0TSI engines
  • Chip Index guide on Chiptuning of 1.8TFSI engines
  • Blog posts about the Formula 2 Series car/engine

So much to write about and so little time :-)

I also hope to visit some motorshows this year to introduce the new engine technologies and what they intend to achieve and if they could be performance inproved.

If there are info you think is left out of you think it would be nice to have a more complete index/guide on a specific subjects – please write to me at

Finally a picture of inspiration of what should be more present in the Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW line of cars.


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