K04 Upgrade Turbo On TFSI Engines – Which ?

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So you have decided that you want to upgrade to the K04 TFSI turbocharger, coming of the Audi S3 / TTS / Seat Cupra models. Turbo which is also known as K04-64 - 53049880064 – 06F 145 702 C.

The turbo and other parts for upgrade to this tubo can be bought from your local VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda dealer. You could aswell choose, to get a kit from one of the tuners out there.


A kit is essential the a complete upgrade package with the parts you need as well as a chiptuning for that excact upgrade package.


Tuner K04 2.0TFSI Kits for use on the,Transverse MK5 platform:

TunerHP. ClaimW. Fuel kitConfigurableW. Software
GoAPR323HP *YesNoYes
KMD Tuning335HP *YesYesYes / No
AWE-Tuning291HP / 314HPNo / YesYesYes / No
Awesome GTI270HP / +320HP *YesNoNo
PictureGoAPRKMD TuningAWE-TuningAwesome GTI


Getting a Tuner Kit or going with a custom tuning package  is typical a choice for getting the right software for the parts you have.

When buying kits for custom tuning your car, you want to know what you can achiveve with the parts you have.


Looking at the K04 Upgrade kit, you can look at the next post to see what you could possibly achieve with the K04 Turbo, if everything is at its best.


Link to the rest of the “K04 Upgrade Turbo On TFSI Engines” posts you find here:


Through the posts to come i will go through:

- WHAT ? – What do you need to put the K04 turbocharger on the 2.0TFSI in BWA and AXX

- HOW ? – How do you make it all work together

- WHICH ? – Where and from which people can you get this turbo and the parts you need

- GAINS ? – What kind of performance will you gain from upgrading to the above suppliers

NEXT ? – What kind of alternatives are there besides the K04 upgrade


So you are maybe in doubt about what you can actually achieve with the stock K03 turbo on these AXX / BWA-1 / BWA engines.

You can look at these links and find the information you want on these subject

TFSI Chiptuning Guide : – http://euroturbo.net/tuning-guides/vw-2-0tfsi-tuning-guide/2-0tfsi-chip-tuning-guide/

General TFSI Tuning Guide : http://euroturbo.net/tuning-guides/vw-2-0tfsi-tuning-guide/


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