1.8T 20V Con Rods Tuning

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1.8T 20V Connecting Rods For Tuning – Index of the different brands

VW / AUDI / SEAT / SKODA 1.8T 20V – 4 Cyl
Connecting Rods / Plejlstænger / Råder / Pleul / Pleulstangen / Vevstakar
LengthPin SizeOEM Part numberWeight
1.8T – Late144mm19mm06A198401
1.8T – Early144mm20mm
Brand NamePart – NumberDesignPin SizeWeight* – eachPicture
K1VW5669BBCB4-AH-Beam20mm514 Gram
PauterGTI-190-506-1440FI-Beam19mm~585 gram
PauterGTI-200-506-1440FI-Beam20mm585 gram
CarilloVW-GTIPRO-SA20mm555 gram
CarilloVW-GTI>-65670HPRO-H20mm573 gram
CarilloVW-GTI>-65670SPRO-H20mm578 gram
CarilloVW-GTI-1PRO-A20mm539 gram
WoessnerPL018H-Beam20mm538 gram
Integrated EngineeringIERV-14419H-Beam19mm
Integrated EngineeringIERV-14420H-Beam20mm
EagleCRS5669A3DH-Beam20mm575 gram
CrowerCRO-B93780B-4I-Beam20mm~580 gram
EurospecECR 198 144 EAH-Beam20mm600 gram
EurospecECR 198 144 EALWH-Beam20mm475 gram
Auto VerdiH-Beam20mm
Arrow PrecisionARROW 129SH-Beam20mm
*Official Weight Numbers – May change due to design change
~ Numbers are rough estimates
Either way if you want cheap connecting rods for your 1.8T or you just want the best connecting rods on the market
– this index is presenting them all.
You can always shoot an email about suggestions to the list and i will be happy to include the proposal as well.

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