So we are going to the 3rd blog post about these Audi 2.7 Twin Turbo upgrade intercoolers, which is meant for the Audi S4 B5 Models.

Here we are going to look at the gains you get from upgrading to these intercoolers in relation to your stock Audi S4 Intercoolers.

Numbers we want to look at when changing intercoolers are :

  • Temperature Drop
  • Horsepower gains

Temp Drop~ -20 Degree Celcius-22 Degree Celcius -5 Degree Celcius35Degree celcius
@ specific HP? Horsepower ~350HP Crank~350HP Crank? Horsepower
Claimed HP Gain?+28HP?+32HP

Here we see that 3 of the 4 upgrade intercoolers deliver a substantial gain over the stock intercooler. All of these options will prove good results on all kinds of projects. The last will be a great upgrade for smaller projects.

As well as the Wagner-Kit above  -Wagner also offers an RS4 Kit, which includes the carbon airflow ports for the RS4 Bumper.

This will off course prove better results than Wagner S4 Kit – But will not fit directly like the Audi S4 kit will.

Something which you may also like to know about intercoolers are for example pressure drops. These numbers are not here since there is too weak information on this subject.

  • Pressure Drop (How much pressure do we loose when the air is “passing” the restrictions the intercooler offer) ?

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Look forward to the market overview of upgrade parts for the VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda engines.

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